Looking Ahead…

Come to the Library at lunch next week to join in the conversation at the Mental Health Awareness Symposium, presented by the ESA Equity Group.

  • Tues Oct 1st:  Anxiety and Social Phobias
  • Wed Oct 2nd:  Depression
  • Thurs Oct 3rd:  Stress and Coping
  • Fri Oct 4th:  Equity and Acceptance

Bring a friend and join us.

Culture Grams

If you were here for Grade 9 Orientation I introduced you to the newest addition to the available online databases: Culture Grams.

Every wondered – or need to know – what life is like in another country?  Culture Grams are one of a kind country reports…  the CIA World Factbook made user friendly for teens.

Take a quick video tour of Culture Grams here.

Banned Books Week


(Poster courtesy of Random House)

It’s Banned Books Week.  Apologies, I have not had time, and am not going to have time, to put up my usual display celebrating banned books.

But, if you wish to engage in a conversation with me, please feel free.  Drop by, or simply check out a banned book.

Visit the American Library Asociation (ALA) website dedicated to the issue:  Banned Books Week.

(I make no apologies for duplication by way of my cross-posting.  This is really important!!)