Password Expiry

Many students – and staff – have let their passwords expire over the holiday break. If you have been unable to connect to the school network – i.e to access AW remotely, or gain access to the school WiFi – it is highly likely that your password has expired.  You must get a password reset, and login to authenticate on a networked computer, before you will be able to gain remote access again.

I gained access to the Administrative systems once – very early this morning before school started – but have been unable to access the Administrative systems at all for the remainder of the day.  Without Admin access no one in the school is able to reset passwords.

If you need a password reset, please see me in the Library BEFORE you need network access in an emergency – because your class is in the computer lab, or because you have to print something to hand in. There is very little chance that you will be able to get your password reset in a timely enough fashion to satisfy these needs.

Advising me in advance will allow me to reset your password at whatever point in time I do get access to the necessary Admin systems.  This is most likely to happen very early in the morning before school starts.