Student Vote 2014

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ESA is participating in Student Vote 2014.  Have your say about the June Provincial Election.

Students have the opportunity to pose questions to the Province’s Party Leaders.  It’s a great way for student issues to be brought to the attention of the major political parties..

PC Leader Tim Hudak and Liberal Leader Kathleen Wynne (also the sitting Premier) have already confirmed their participation.  The other parties are expected to be on board shortly.

How does this work?

  • Create your question.  It can be fun, serious, or relate to a very specific issue.
  • Submit your questions to CIVIX for review.
  • CIVIX will select a sampling of questions to pose to the Party leaders.
  • If you question is chosen, you will be asked to record yourself asking the question.
  • Party Leaders will respond and all questions and videos will be posted online and shared with the media.


  • E-mail your question to
  • You must include your first name, gender, grade, school name and city/town.
  • Questions must be submitted by no later than Tuesday May 20th.


As part of the student vote initiative, ESA will be holding an election to coincide with the June 12th Provincial Election.  Students at ESA – and across Ontario – will have the opportunity to vote, as if voting in a real election, and student results will be compared with the “real” vote at the close of polls on June 12th.

Stay tuned for the details about this part of the process.