Library Sale: Books, Vinyl LP’s and more

Come one.  Come all.  The Library is having a sale.  Used books, new books (donations which have not been catalogued), old VHS movie musicals and vinyl LP’s.

The sale starts Monday June 9th, at lunch, in the Library.

Prices range from 25 cents to $2 as follows:

  • 25 cents for discarded mass market paperbacks (not the greatest of condition) and VHS tapes
  • 50 cents for discarded trade paperbacks (not bad to pretty good condition)
  • $1.00 for hardcover books
  • $2.00 for vinyl LP’s

Bring small change, please and thanks.


Regarding the vinyl…We have lots. We have all types.

For Monday we have out a selection of the following:

  • Classic rock (70’s and 80’s mostly)
  • Female rock (mostly classic, but not exclusively)
  • Canadian rock (Bruce Cockburn, Gordon Lightfoot, Murray McLaughlin, etc.)
  • Classical
  • Vocal (ranging from operatic performances to the Toronto Mendelssohn Choir)
  • Movie and Musical Soundtracks and/or cast recordings
  • Crooners and soft rock (Neil Diamond, Tom Jones, Engelbert Humperdink, etc.)

We also have a selection of “very special LP’s” which will be individually priced (and will be more than $2 per item!)…

If you don’t find something you like on Monday, try again on Tuesday.  We will replenish the offerings daily until we are sold out.

All buyers please be advised:

  • LP’s are sold in “as is” condition.
  • Album covers are in better or worse condition as they go.
  • These items were all previously in circulation in the ESA Library (in the days before CD’s and digital recordings).
  • We can make no guarantees or warranties as to the “playability” of the items you purchase.
  • Some of the vinyl looks like brand new, some looks like it has been in storage for some time (as indeed it has, and not necessarily in the best of conditions).