Fri Feb 27th

The Library will be CLOSED after school today.

Also advance notice that the Library will be closed after school on Monday for our in-school Poetry in Voice finals.  All are welcome to come and support our participants.

Transforming Gender

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Transforming Gender (CBC, 9 p.m. on Doc Zone) opens with a young person saying “I just didn’t feel right. I thought, ‘Am I in the right body?’” It’s a touching, forthright study of 11 transgendered Canadians (born one sex, but identifying as another) who speak about their lives and their change in identity. In its promotional material CBC says, “The battle over the rights and freedoms of transgender individuals is the first great civil rights struggle of the 21st century.” That might be a stretch but without doubt the issue is disruptive for many people. On the program, which never veers into sensationalism, a psychotherapist says, “It’s perfectly natural to be trans. It’s just one of the ways life works on this planet.” An illuminating aspect of the doc – directed by Marc de Guerre – is that while “perfectly natural” can be asserted, pain and confusion are part of the journey for so many trans people. (From The Globe and Mail).

Watch trailer, and learn more, here.

Parlez-vous Francais?

We are in need of one additional French judge for our in-school Poetry in Voice finals, after school next Monday, March 2nd.

If you have a parent or relative who speaks and reads French, and would like to help us out by participating on our judging panel, we’d love to have them join us.

  • Monday March 2nd
  • 3:10pm – 5:00pm
  • In the Library
  • Must not be a parent (or relative) of any of the competitors in the Bilingual category.

If you know someone who would be interested and available, please have them send an e-mail to

White Pine 2015: Spotlight On

Please do join us for this year’s White Pine reading programme.

  • Sign on (see Ms. Wray in the Library to pick up your White Pine Passport and White Pine swag)
  • Read the books
  • Engage in lively discussion
  • Join in the festivities @ the Festival of Trees at Harbourfront on Tuesday May 12th.


Today’s featured read is… 

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Tag Along, by Tom Ryan

  • What do you do on Prom Night when…  you don’t have a date?  you get stood up?  your parents ground you? you have a panic attack and bail on your date?
  • Sort of a modern day “Breakfast Club”.
  • A quick and easy read.  Good choice for the reluctant reader.
  • I enjoyed it…  just don’t expect more than it means to deliver.
  • Read the review at CM Magazine: