White Pine 2015: Spotlight On…

Please do join us for this year’s White Pine reading programme.

  • Sign on (see Ms. Wray in the Library to pick up your White Pine Passport and White Pine swag)
  • Read the books
  • Engage in lively discussion
  • Join in the festivities @ the Festival of Trees at Harbourfront on Tuesday May 12th.


Today’s featured read is… 

Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 9.59.13 PM

Baygirl, by Heather Smith.

  • Set jointly in rural outport Nfld and in St. John’s.
  • Life, for a family already falling apart, unravels further with the closure of the fishery.
  • I enjoyed this, but remember I am inclined to be positively pre-disposed to anything set in Newfoundland!
  • Read the review at CM Magazine