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Letters, Vol I

ESA’s first (annual) publication of student poetry and prose has arrived!

Under the creative direction of Sauvanne Margaux, this publication includes work from 27 ESA students.

Every student who contributed will receive their own personal copy of the publication. A limited number of additional copies are available for $10 per copy.  The book will be on display, and available for sale, at lunch in the Foyer on Friday, June 5th.  Else, please contact Ms. Wray (

Registered with Library and Archives Canada – this volume has a registered ISBN number – the participating students may now lay claim to having been, officially, published!

Congratulations to all involved in the project.  We look forward to continuing the project next year, under the Creative Direction of our two new editors, Rachel Carmichael Campbell and Spencer Cetinic.

Student authors published in this project should drop by the Foyer at the start of lunch to pick up their personal copy.