Student Vote 2015: Federal Election Results

It’s 9:30pm and the polls are closed in Ontario.  The moment has arrived.  We are now able to announce the results of our ESA Student Vote 2015.

James Maloney, Liberal Party, 130     (ELECTED)
Phil Trotter, New Democratic Party, 91
Bernard Trottier, Conservative Party, 36
Angela Salewsky, Green Party, 32
Liz White, Animal Alliance Environmental Voters Party, 22
Janice Murrary, Marxist-Leninist Party, 7

Total Number of Valid Ballots = 318
Total Number of Rejected Ballots = 3

As of 1:00pm ET today, more than 850,000 “Student Vote” votes were reported from over 6,000 schools, representing 337 federal ridings.

The complete national summary and riding results will be available at the Student Vote website at the close of polls in British Columbia (7pm PT).  Results for everywhere but BC and the Yukon Territory are available on the Student Vote website now.

Find the actual voting results across the country here at the Elections Canada Live Election Results webpage.