New Month. New Password.

If you haven’t already done so yesterday… Change your TDSB network password.

All students – and Staff!! – are reminded that they are strongly recommended – indeed encouraged – to get in the habit of changing network passwords at the start of every new month.

  • You will be forced to change your network password every 42 days anyway.
  • Do it every month and you’ll never end up in a bind and be frozen out of your account because your password has expired.

You must also have a minimum repertoire of 5 unique network passwords.

  • Pick a word that has meaning for you and follow it by the number of the month, each and every month.
    i.e. February = icecream02,  March = icecream03, etc.
  • This is a guaranteed recipe for success for those among us who have trouble remembering the myriad different passwords we maintain for all different aspects of our lives.

(Strategy not recommended for passwords outside the secure TDSB network!!)