Get Caught Reading Month: Wednesday May 4th

Olivia Solomos May 4th

Join the ESA Library as we celebrate Get Caught Reading Month.

Today, Wedsday May 4th, Olivia Solomos got caught reading The Dinner, a book which slowly peels away layer after layer, exposing the fallout from a horribly violent crime.

What will you get caught reading?

  • Check out who got caught reading what in the small Library display case opposite the Main Office.
  • Follow the postings at the ESA Library Daily Blog.
  • Post what you’re reading now on our Padlet wall.  Be sure to include your name.  Everyone who posts will be entered in our draw for great books at the end of the month.  This Padlet is password protected.  The password is: ESAgetcaught
  • Every day during the lunch hour five (5) lucky people will Get Caught Reading somewhere at ESA.  Each person caught reading will receive a Library chit.  Take your Library chit to the Library to be entered into another draw at the end of the month for more great books.