Stolen Sisters Vigil

  • October marks 11 years since Amnesty International released our “Stolen Sisters” report. In 2004 our report was ground breaking and helped to shine a light on a little known Canadian human rights crisis… October 4 is a time to reflect on what we have achieved in the past decade and to stand with our Indigenous partners to honour our Stolen Sisters. (Amnesty International)

Join us, in the Library after school today, where we will be screening the Amnesty documentary Highway of Tears.

  • Highway of Tears is a documentary film about loss, courage and hope. It tells the story of some of the women and girls — most of them Indigenous — who have gone missing along Highway 16 in northern British Columbia. So many lives have been lost on this stretch of highway that it has come to be known as the Highway of Tears.
Add your voice to Amnesty International’s call to stand with women and families during the public inquiry at