National Poetry Month

April is National Poetry Month. This year’s theme is ‘Time’…  Join us, every school day throughout the month of April, for a feature poem on the theme.

Our poem of the day for today is: On Route 11: Waiting on Blood Tests by Canadian poet George Ellenbogen.

I knew it as Nikos, this
caf where few cars stopped.
The door is boarded up,
like a house no one visits.

I lean inside the phone booth,
its glass door flapping like paper
in wind that cuts through ferns,
disturbing by the roadside

a handful of wheat tips:
their endings, pointing
through stems to thin wind
ponds, broken spurts

of air around corn stalks.
No one remains. Some put up
signs for a year or two; the
signs drop and snow brings

the roof down. In this booth.
I dial, count white cars.
waiting to discover what
my mother is silent about

as she counts the ceiling slats
and wonders whether her corpuscles
are turning like fall leaves
into an arithmetic she understands.

George Ellenbogen attended McGill University, receiving his BA in English and Sociology in 1955. He has taught creative writing at a number of prestigious international universities.