Network Password Resets

It’s that time.  If you haven’t changed your password since the new protocols came into play last November… you’re bumping up against the best before date!

  • All student passwords are now good for 6 months… and many of your passwords are expiring right now!

Having trouble connecting to the TDSB WIFI?  Probably a password issue.

  • If you haven’t logged on for a little while, try to logon to a school networked computer – i.e. Library computer – and see what message you get.
  • If you’re lucky you’ll be prompted to change your password.  If so, do so…  but mind the new criteria (see below).
  • If you get a ‘Username and password are incorrect’ message, then you need a password reset.
  • REMEMBER to only try to logon no more than three (3) times, else you run the very real risk of getting ‘locked out’ of your account… then you’ll have to wait half an hour to try again.

NEW CRITERIA for TDSB passwords…

Both the default ‘Secret Shared’ password and the requirements for your new password have changed.

  • Refer to the instructions in either the .jpg or .pdf file attached to this posting.

You will find copies of this file posted on bright orange paper near computer stations throughout the school tomorrow.

  • We strongly recommend that you save this information somewhere handy – although you can always pick up a small password reset stub at the Library Circulation Desk anytime you need one.

We also strongly recommend that you set yourself a calendar alert for 6 months time, with a 2 week notification.

  • Then two weeks before your password expires your phone will start reminding you to change your password.
  • When you change your password, change your calendar alert for another 6 months into the future so it will remind you again when it is due to be changed.

Reset Stub LARGE

Reset Stub LARGE