Hallowe’en in the Library!

Drop by the Library – in costume –  and have your picture taken in front of our Green Screen.

  • Everyone who has their photo taken is automatically entered into our Annual Hallowe’en Contest.
  • Bring your lunch… and enjoy some classic Hallowe’en Film Fare as we watch the 1988 classic ‘Beetlejuice’ during the lunchhour

Today in the Library…

Before School

  • Access only to the computers on the Upper Level of the Library… DECA will be using all of the machines on the lower level


  • Final Friday Fun Day
  • Join us for a tech free lunch hour… with fun and games and dip your own caramel apples!
  • Take an intentional time out to relax and find your happy place.

Final Friday FUN DAY

Because of today’s University Fair…  Final Friday FUN DAY will take place on MONDAY, October 30th.

  • Join us in the Library at lunch for fun and games and Dip Your Own Caramel Apple, courtesy of  PoW.

REMINDER that as with all Final Friday FUN DAYs… the Library will be a tech free zone for the duration of the lunchhour on Monday.

University Fair

Our first ESA University Fair happens today at lunch in the Library.

  • There will be limited access to the Library before and after lunch  – for setting up and striking the University Fair.
  • There will be limited access to computers in the Library at lunch – upper level only.

We know that usually, when college and universities visit we invite you to eat while you listen, but that will not be the case today… it will be too busy and too crowded and no tables to sit at.

  • Please eat your lunch before – or after – attending the University Fair.

International Festival of Authors (IFOA)

I had another lovely night at the IFOA last night with ESA Grad Rudrapriya Rathore… who was on a panel talking about local literary magazine The Puritan, of which she is a mast head editor.

For any of you who are interested…  Rudrapriya will be here at ESA for the morning on November 8th… joining her partner, Naben Ruthnum, who will be here to talk with the EWC classes about his long essay Curry: Eating, Reading and Race, recently released by Coach House Books.

Rudrapriya, who has a Masters in Creative Writing, will be delighted to chat with any of you budding young authors about her experiences and getting yourself out there.

Catching Up: with Don Aker

We had a delightful afternoon here in the Library yesterday afternoon… with another one of ESA’s favourite Visiting Authors…  Don Aker.

Don wanted me to pass along this message to the students who were in attendance:

And please pass along to your students how much I enjoyed presenting to them. What incredibly attentive audiences they were. Once again, they made me wish I taught at ESA.


The List!

Drop by the Library and pick up your personal copy of the Toronto Public Library booklet ‘The List”…  Great Reads for Youth.

I’m delighted to day that we have many of the recommended titles her in the Library at ESA…  just saying…

Find lots more great reads and reading ideas at TPL Teen Reads.