Holiday Tunes

For those who were asking about the Holiday CD’s that have been featured each morning this week:

(Yes… for this kind of information Wikipedia is a perfectly fine source…  BUT… don’t be going there for your research assignment!  Start with the ESA Virtual Library!!)


Our Holiday Reads Winners!

Thank you to everyone who played along.  We have drawn for ten (10) lucky winners!

Seven (7) folks go home with a new book for the holiday: Laura Kim, Michaela Yarmol-Matusiak, Kaitlyn Hamilton, Gabrielle Schwartz, Audrey Irenhead, Ariel Milne, Tashi Gombu

Our second and third prize winners each go home with two (2) new books and a blanket: Annie Spence and Hannah Mark

AND… our GRAND PRIZE winner goes home with three (3) new books, a blanket, a hand painted mug and a selection of teas: Jeanne Polochansky


WINNERS…  please drop by the Library to pick up your winnings!

  • If you are already on holiday… drop by when you get back in January.

Everyone who submitted a HOLIDAY READS chit will also have their name entered into the TDSB Just Read It! monthly draws with additional opportunities to win free books.

Password Manager: Make sure you’ve signed up before the holiday break.

New this year…  Password Manager! 

We tested it out with the Grade 9’s during their Orientation sessions and advertised to the rest of the school population afterwards…

As we head off for the holiday break – Password Manager is the ONLY option if you have a problem with your TDSB network password.  Don’t get shut out in the cold with respect to network access.

  • Recover and/or reset your TDSB network password on your own 365 days a year, 24/7.
  • No need to wait until you are at school and able to get into the ESA Library.
  • Create your own personal security questions – keep track of your answers in a secure location!
  • Use the ‘Forgot my Password’ or ‘Lost your password?’ options when logging into the TDSB network via AW.

Set-up your new Password Manager using this link.

  • Enter your TDSB student e-mail address.
  • Create your security questions and away you go.

Posters with QR codes and links are posted around the school.

  • ALL ESA students should be signed onto the Password Manager as soon as possible.