White Pine Spotlight

 The Fashion Committee by Susan Juby

  • A light-hearted, fun read. Juby writes with skill and humour about difficult subject matter.
  • Charlie Dean is ABsolutely FABulous.  Charlie’s got chutzpah… but does make some pretty crappy decisions along the way.  John is less likeable but realistically portrayed nonetheless.
  • This book is both a love letter to fashion (and the arts in general), but also to Vancouver!  Another love letter to a city.
  • The ending is one place this book really stands out. Nothing is tied up neatly with a bow. Life is messy after all.

Read the review at Quill and Quire.


  • Learn more about the Forest of Reading here.
  • Check out Forest Fridays, virtual visits with featured authors (link is to last year).  We look forward to their return. When they do, we will be hosting a couple of them here at ESA.
  • Students who would like to join us at the Festival of Trees, at Harbourfront, on Tuesday May 15th should see Ms. Wray or Ms. Kennedy in the Library.
  • Permission forms will be available closer to the date.


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