Summer Reads 2018! Online Winners

Congratulations to the following people who submitted online entries to our Summer Reads 2018! Draw.

Winners… Please either drop by yourself – or send in your designate – to collect your prize – a free book! – from the ESA Library.

  • The best time is during the Library Open House from 9am until 11am on Tuesday June 26th.
  • If this doesn’t work, please send an e-mail to so we can make arrangements to get you your free book.

STAFF: Elvina Barclay

    • Elvina is looking forward to reading The Word is Murder by Anthony Horowitz.
    • I love a good mystery and the author has put himself in the story as the Watson to the main character’s Sherlock Holmes detective.



STUDENT: Tiffany Stummer

    • Tiffany is looking forward to reading Bear Town by Frederick Backman.
    • This book has a web of characters that are all going through issues that are relevant to their lives. It delves into secrets, a small town, and a web of lies.



PARENT: Carlo Ribeiro

    • Carlo is looking forward to reading Homegoing by Yaa Gyasi.
    • This is a beautiful and epic story of the lives and times of the descendants of two women. Set in Ghana and the US, the stories trace the impact of the TransAtlantic Slave Trade on two branches of the same family, on two continents, and all the way through several generations, until a kind of homegoing brings the two threads together in beautiful and unsurprising ways.