Library and Learning Resources

Use the links on this page to access the following online support sites hosted by the ESA Library.

Library and Learning Resources: Information Literacy Support Site

  • This site is designed to support students as they learn their way through the steps of the Research and Inquiry Process.
  • The primary content on this site is found in the section sub-titled “ Research @ Your Library.”
  • Everything you need to know about Academic Honesty
  • Everything you need to know about the Research and Inquiry Process, from start to finish
  • In addition, there is everything you need to know about Books (including the archives for ESA Reads), Poetry (including the Poetry in Voice National Contest), Toronto Public Library Resources, Writing Contests and Publications, and last, but not least, details about how you can volunteer in the Library.

Library and Learning Resources: Professional Resources

  • Powered by EduBlogs, this site is intended to be one-stop shopping for everything a classroom teacher needs to know (a lofty goal we’re working towards achieving!)
  • This site is also useful for parents and, to a lesser degree, for students
  • Major content areas include Academic Honesty Resources for Teachers, Subject Based Curriculum Resources, and Children’s Mental Health Resources.
  • A major focus of this blog will be Educational Technology (EdTech).
  • The intent is to facilitate greater use of appropriate technology school-wide.
  • This blog will feature, among other things, an App of the Week. If you would like to receive the App of the Week posting directly via e-mail, subscribe here.