College Fair!

…now!  We have Rep’s from 13 Ontario Community Colleges here in the Library…  Drop by and check them out.

  • Please plan to eat your lunch either before or after you drop in for the College Fair.
  • Limited access to computers – upper level only.

Regular Business in the Library today…

Finally… it seems like forever this year…  A straight up regular day in the Library today.  Indeed, it’s a pretty regular business week… no closures that we’re aware of…

N.B. Ms. Arsu’s Geography classes which were supposed to be here today are re-scheduled to next Tuesday, October 10th.

Mind.. we do have a couple of special events next week – after Thanksgiving – which will have the Library closed to all bu invited students/classes at some times.

YA Used Book Sale

We’ve been weeding…

Used books are generally priced at 50 cents for a paperback, and $1 for a hardcover… but we do make deals for bulk purchases and/or based on the condition of the book.

  • All funds collected go back into collection development and/or fun stuff for the Library.

Final Friday Fun Day…

…  is here!

  • Yes, we know it’s actually Thursday… but tomorrow is Club Fair, and by next Friday…  it’s already October!!
  • Bring your lunch – and join us for a ‘Rainy Day Games Day’.
  • We have lots of games for you to borrow, or bring one of your own.
  • Come for an intentional break… play some games, chill and take a break from the busy-ness of life, and find your happy place.

REMINDER that the Library is a ‘tech free zone’ during this lunchhour…

  • No computers, no printing and no personal devices.