Library Access Today

Open except for Gr 9 Orientation, Period 2 (HUM).


TDSB Network Access: Saturday September 23rd

ALL Staff and students – anyone who might be attempting to access the TDSB Network over the weekend – are advised that the following applications, services and systems will not be available between 7:00am and 1:00pm on Saturday September 23rd

  • All AW sites
  • ServiceIT
  • myINFO
  • G-Suite for Education (formerly GAFE)
  • G-mail
  • Google Drive, Docs, Hangouts, and Sheets

DO NOT get mad at your computer or your home internet service provider when you can’t connect to the TDSB.

  • Have patience, go out and enjoy the summer weather, and try again Saturday afternoon.

Password Manager: New for ALL TDSB students

new-sign-ID-33314New for Sept 2017…  Password Manager! 

We’ve tested it out with the Grade 9’s this past week during their Orientation sessions and it appears to working just fine.

  • Recover and/or reset your TDSB network password on your own 365 days a year, 24/7.
  • No need to wait until you are at school and able to get into the ESA Library.
  • Create your own personal security questions – keep track of your answers in a secure location!
  • Use the ‘Forgot my Password’ or ‘Lost your password?’ options when logging into the TDSB network via AW.

Access the new Password Manager here.

  • Enter your TDSB student e-mail address.
  • Create your security questions and away you go.


Watch for posters with QR codes and links to appear around the school this week as well.

ALL ESA students should be signed onto the Password Manager as soon as possible.

Library Access: Tuesday September 12th

Reminder that we begin Grade 9 Orientation sessions today in the Library.

  • The Library will be closed during Periods 2, 3 and 4 to facilitate these sessions.
  • Regular access before school and at lunchtime.
  • The Library will be closed after school today

Thank you to all for you co-operation in getting the Grade 9’s started on their journey through secondary school.

The schedule of sessions is posted on the Library whiteboard and may also be found in the PDF file attached below.

Gr 9 Orient 2017-18 TO POST

TDSB Network advisory and password resets

Students are advised that access to Snapchat, Instagram and Netflix continues to be blocked on the TDSB network to ease congestion while the work to move all schools onto the newer faster network is completed.

All Staff and students will connect to the TDSB LAN using the “TDSB-WIFI’ portal.

  • It’s a good idea to clear the cache on your personal device(s) prior to arrival at ESA on Tuesday, September 5th.
  • Start with a fresh login sequence once you arrive at school.

With the changeover to 6 month passwords for students, there has been no central resetting of passwords this summer.

  • Having trouble logging on?
  • Can’t remember your password from June?

The Library will be open at lunchtime on Tuesday September 5th exclusively for students needing to reset their passwords.

Network Password Resets

It’s that time.  If you haven’t changed your password since the new protocols came into play last November… you’re bumping up against the best before date!

  • All student passwords are now good for 6 months… and many of your passwords are expiring right now!

Having trouble connecting to the TDSB WIFI?  Probably a password issue.

  • If you haven’t logged on for a little while, try to logon to a school networked computer – i.e. Library computer – and see what message you get.
  • If you’re lucky you’ll be prompted to change your password.  If so, do so…  but mind the new criteria (see below).
  • If you get a ‘Username and password are incorrect’ message, then you need a password reset.
  • REMEMBER to only try to logon no more than three (3) times, else you run the very real risk of getting ‘locked out’ of your account… then you’ll have to wait half an hour to try again.

NEW CRITERIA for TDSB passwords…

Both the default ‘Secret Shared’ password and the requirements for your new password have changed.

  • Refer to the instructions in either the .jpg or .pdf file attached to this posting.

You will find copies of this file posted on bright orange paper near computer stations throughout the school tomorrow.

  • We strongly recommend that you save this information somewhere handy – although you can always pick up a small password reset stub at the Library Circulation Desk anytime you need one.

We also strongly recommend that you set yourself a calendar alert for 6 months time, with a 2 week notification.

  • Then two weeks before your password expires your phone will start reminding you to change your password.
  • When you change your password, change your calendar alert for another 6 months into the future so it will remind you again when it is due to be changed.

Reset Stub LARGE

Reset Stub LARGE