Network Password Resets

It’s that time.  If you haven’t changed your password since the new protocols came into play last November… you’re bumping up against the best before date!

  • All student passwords are now good for 6 months… and many of your passwords are expiring right now!

Having trouble connecting to the TDSB WIFI?  Probably a password issue.

  • If you haven’t logged on for a little while, try to logon to a school networked computer – i.e. Library computer – and see what message you get.
  • If you’re lucky you’ll be prompted to change your password.  If so, do so…  but mind the new criteria (see below).
  • If you get a ‘Username and password are incorrect’ message, then you need a password reset.
  • REMEMBER to only try to logon no more than three (3) times, else you run the very real risk of getting ‘locked out’ of your account… then you’ll have to wait half an hour to try again.

NEW CRITERIA for TDSB passwords…

Both the default ‘Secret Shared’ password and the requirements for your new password have changed.

  • Refer to the instructions in either the .jpg or .pdf file attached to this posting.

You will find copies of this file posted on bright orange paper near computer stations throughout the school tomorrow.

  • We strongly recommend that you save this information somewhere handy – although you can always pick up a small password reset stub at the Library Circulation Desk anytime you need one.

We also strongly recommend that you set yourself a calendar alert for 6 months time, with a 2 week notification.

  • Then two weeks before your password expires your phone will start reminding you to change your password.
  • When you change your password, change your calendar alert for another 6 months into the future so it will remind you again when it is due to be changed.

Reset Stub LARGE

Reset Stub LARGE

VERY IMPORTANT!!! TDSB Network Service Alert

All students and staff need to be aware that ALL of your relevant TDSB applications will be unavailable from 11:00am until 6:00pm on Saturday October 15th.

This includes student and staff access to:

  • All Academic Workspace (AW) sites, including ServiceIT
  • Google Apps for Education (GAFE), including Google Drive, Docs, Hangouts, and Sheets

New School Year, New Network Passwords

Forgive the duplicate posting…  this will also be coming out on the ESAInfo blast as I deem it to be important enough to be in two places!!


All students are advised that TDSB IT Services reset all student account passwords effective Wednesday August 17th, 2016.

“This central action will help reduce the effort required by the schools to reset passwords through LAS and reduce the disruption to classrooms during the September school opening timeframe.

The passwords will be reset to the Student Shared Secret password which consists of the last 4 digits of student number followed by the two digit day and two digit month of student’s birthday. The format will be nnnnddmm.”

This central resetting may cause disruption in your ability to login remotely to your TDSB AW and Google Drive accounts on your personal devices until you validate your account on a school networked machine.

Students will need to drop into the Library – or find another school networked machine to login on – to reset passwords for seamless access.

Wednesday in the Library…

I’m back!  I’ve been duly fired from Jury Duty…  I’ve actually been deferred until November 2018 – who knew you could request deferral to a convenient time!  Note to self.

As for today:

  • PoW will be holding their end of year luncheon in the Library at lunch.  If you arrive before them, please leave the rear area available for them.
  • The Library will be closed to all but students in HYN and KEN classes last period, for testing.
  • The Library will be closed after school for the Math Club Year End celebration.

If you left a password to be reset while I’ve been absent, they will be done before the start of classes.

Any other issues from while I was away, drop by and see me.