TDSB Student E-mail Addresses

Your TDSB student e-mail address is alive and well.  Despite the fact that access to your student e-mail account has “disappeared” from view when you enter your Google Drive through the Academic Workspace (AW) portal…

All students (should) be able to access their Student e-mail by going through Google directly:

  • Be sure to be logged out of any personal G-mail accounts before trying this access route.
  • Be sure that you have verified your TDSB student e-mail address before logging in from the main Google site.   If you have not already checked, find your TDSB Student e-mail address by following this path: AW > My Profile > User Information.
  • Your password to enter through Google is your regular network password.

Singer’s Musical Theatre Anthology: Complete Index

Screen Shot 2013-12-13 at 12.53.55 PM

Singer’s Musical Theatre Anthology Master Indexes
Search for any song from the complete collection or by voice type.
These indexes are also available on the the ESA Library AW website, as well as on each of the Teacher and Student Share Drives (accessible from home via the ESA Library AW wesbite).

Culture Grams

If you were here for Grade 9 Orientation I introduced you to the newest addition to the available online databases: Culture Grams.

Every wondered – or need to know – what life is like in another country?  Culture Grams are one of a kind country reports…  the CIA World Factbook made user friendly for teens.

Take a quick video tour of Culture Grams here.