Final Friday Fun Day… Today!!

Come to the Library at lunch today and step back from the stress of preparing for exams.

  • Bring your lunch –and a mug for tea! – and take an intentional time out for an hour.
  • Pack up your troubles!  RELAX! 
  • At the very least drop by and pick up a book to keep on hand for when you need a study break during the exam period.

Room 217 will be open for anyone who absolutely needs computer or printer access for academic purposes only.


Mindfulness and Final Friday Fun Day… tomorrow!

Start your day off with Thursday morning Mindfulness in The Walden Room starting at 8:10am.

Then join us at lunch for Final Friday Fun Day.

  • This week Final Friday Fun Day falls on the Thursday as it’s the last day of classes before exams begin…

Tomorrow we’re going to have a good old fashioned “Rainy Day Games Day”…

  • The Library has a collection of games including cribbage, chess, backgammon, Jenga, Yahtzee, Sorry!, and more.
  • Or you can bring your own games.
  • Whatever you do, bring your lunch and come join in the fun.

Take a radical approach to exam prep this time around… skip the last minute cramming and studying tomorrow at lunch…

  • Join in the fun and games…. or,
  • Engage in some quiet meditative practice… or,
  • Read a book… we have great collections of poetry and short stories… just the perfect length for those little breaks so necessary when studying.


Final Friday Fun Day‘s are an opportunity to turn off, settle in, relax and take a load off.  The Library goes tech free for the lunchhour…  no computers, no printing, no personal devices.

  • Room 217 will be open over the lunchhour for anyone desperately needing computer/printer access for academic purposes only.

Today in the Library…

Before School

  • Access only to the computers on the Upper Level of the Library… DECA will be using all of the machines on the lower level


  • Final Friday Fun Day
  • Join us for a tech free lunch hour… with fun and games and dip your own caramel apples!
  • Take an intentional time out to relax and find your happy place.

Final Friday FUN DAY

Because of today’s University Fair…  Final Friday FUN DAY will take place on MONDAY, October 30th.

  • Join us in the Library at lunch for fun and games and Dip Your Own Caramel Apple, courtesy of  PoW.

REMINDER that as with all Final Friday FUN DAYs… the Library will be a tech free zone for the duration of the lunchhour on Monday.

Final Friday Fun Day…

…  is here!

  • Yes, we know it’s actually Thursday… but tomorrow is Club Fair, and by next Friday…  it’s already October!!
  • Bring your lunch – and join us for a ‘Rainy Day Games Day’.
  • We have lots of games for you to borrow, or bring one of your own.
  • Come for an intentional break… play some games, chill and take a break from the busy-ness of life, and find your happy place.

REMINDER that the Library is a ‘tech free zone’ during this lunchhour…

  • No computers, no printing and no personal devices.

Final Friday Fun Day… on Wednesday!

Due to scheduling conflicts Final Friday Fun Day is happening today…  Wednesday..  and we’re delighted to announce the return of…

Buddha Bowls!

  • Join us for lunch in the Library.
  • For only $5 per person get your fill of a delicious healthy lunch.

Reminder that the Library will be Tech Free for the lunchhour…

  • Room 217 will be open for any students needing computer access for school related purposes.