Just Read It! We have another winner!

Congratulations to Antonietta Gutierrez who was out last Just Read It! winner of the 2016-17 school year.

Just Read It! is an online forum for students, staff – indeed the entire TDSB community – to engage in the joy of reading and share the reading experience with one another.

Each month names are drawn and book prizes are sent to students submitting to Just Read It! to further motivate and mobilise our community.


Last year there were 14,270 book reviews submitted to the TDSB Just Read It! website.

There were a total of 3,645,521 books read – signed out through our Insignia circulation system – across TDSB schools.

TDSB Libraries make a difference!



Valentine’s Day @ Your Library

Valentine’s Day Book Draw

  • Tell us about the most romantic book you’ve ever read… and be entered into the ESA Library Valentine’s Day Book Draw.
  • Pick up an entry form at the Library Circulation Desk and drop your submission in the LOVE bag.
  • Entries are also being accepted online.  Submit your response(s) here.
  • Every entry into the Valentine’s Day Book Draw will also be entered into Just Read It!

Go on a Blind Date with a Book!

  • Drop by the ESA Library next week and choose a book to take home and curl up with.
  • We have curated a selection of books from a variety of genres – chosen just for Valentine’s Day – and wrapped them up with pretty bows
  • They are waiting to be taken home and be loved by someone.

Looking for love on Valentine’s Day?

  • Come to the Library after school and cheer on your fellow students as they recite their way to becoming this year’s  School Champion for Poetry In Voice.
  • Fall in love with poetry…

Holiday Reads Continues!

  • Tell us about that fabulous book you read over the holiday.

Every book recommendation submitted will be entered into Just Read It! for a chance to win a free book from the TDSB.

  • Fill out a Holiday Reads submission form at the Library Circulation Desk.

Parents are welcome to join us.  Send in a copy of the submission form with the student in your house, or e-mail the relevant details to enid.wray@tdsb.on.ca.


Just Read It!

Congratulations to Grade 9 student Zoie Seferian, last month’s winner of a Just Read It! Book prize.  Please dorp by the Library to pick up your book.

All Staff and students are reminded to submit a quick book review to Just Read It! on a regular basis.

  • Every time you submit a quick review, you’re in the mix for a free book that month.
  • Every time you submit a quick review, you put ESA in the mix to have a TDSB Writer in Residence visit the school for free!!

New Arrivals in the Library

Make time for reading!

Our first batch of fall 2014 New Arrivals is ready to circulate.  Drop by the Library to see what’s new.  Check out a book, or two (as long as you have no overdue items!!)

You may also keep tabs on what’s new at the Library at the ESA Library Pinterest webpage.  The various Pinterest pages will be updated as new arrivals are catalogued.  Check back daily.

Remember also to submit a Just Read It entry for every book you read.  Be in the draw to win a book every month you submit.