Reminder: Library Overdues

As we head into the second half of the school year… Please return all outstanding, overdue library items


Library Circulation: CLOSED!

As you’ve been hearing on the announcements for the last two weeks…  Library Circulation is closed as of today.

ALL Library items are due back.  Late fines apply to all overdue items – past and present.

  • The ONLY exception is Grade 9 and 10 Reading Circle books with extended due dates.

Get ahead of the curve.  Bring your books back today, or Monday at the latest.

We have already been making calls home to Grade 11 and 12 students. We will begin calling everyone next Tuesday.

Library Circulation Closing June 2nd: Bring It Back!

Further to the daily announcements and the postings around the school…

Library circulation closes on June 2nd.

  • All items on loan are due back by no later than that date.
  • Any new loans are also due back on June 2nd, regardless of what the circulation period should be (i.e. 3 weeks for general materials).

We have been ‘chasing’ Grade 12 students these last two weeks… including starting to make phone calls home.

  • Reminder that all students with overdue items receive a weekly overdue notice to their TDSB student e-mail address.
  • Additionally your HF teacher receives a notification each week and – hopefully – reminds you to ‘Bring It Back!’
  • You can also check – and manage – your Library loans yourself by logging on at the ESA Virtual Library Catalogue.
  • Avoid that dreaded phone call home by returning your materials and settling up any late fines… (we make deals on fines!!  Ask us!)

Summer circulation – for return the first day back to school in September – takes place the last week of June – after exams.

  • Students and Staff may borrow books over the summer.
  • Check out the ESA Library Pinterest page to peruse the new titles you might want to take home to read this summer.
  • Remember to check the ESA Library catalogue for all titles available.


Take home a great new book for the weekend.

Make time for reading!  Our first batch of fall 2016 New Arrivals is ready to circulate.

Today we put out the first batch of new YA Books.  There are lots more on the way, but our delivery has been held up.  Stay Tuned.

Yesterday’s “new to the shelf” books include some of the hottest titles of the season – some just released yesterday! – as well as a few of the titles on the Giller Longlist which was announced earlier today.  Author’s like Madeleine Thien, Steven Price, Mona Awad, Colson Whitehead, Ben H Winters , Dave Eggers and many, many more.

  • Drop by the Library to see what’s new.
  • Check out a book, or two (as long as you have no overdue items!!)

Keep tabs on what’s new at the Library at the ESA Library Pinterest webpage.

  • The Pinterest pages will be updated daily as new arrivals are catalogued and available for circulation.

Library Overdues

  • Do you still have overdue Library materials?
  • Did you find that missing book under the bed over the summer?
  • Would you like to start the new school year off with a clean slate?

We are chasing all materials which remain outstanding from last school year. Get ahead of the curve by bringing your books in first.

Students with outstanding Library items will not be able to check out new materials until outstanding issues have been cleared.

Check your TDSB student e-mail account for automated reminder and overdue notices.

It’s a Wrap…

The first day of the 2016-17 school year is history.

Regular Library hours begin tomorrow morning, Wednesday September 7th, 2016.

Basic Library hours are:

  • 8am to 4pm, Monday to Thursday;
  • 8am to 3:10pm on Friday;
  • open for lunch, unless there is a special event which necessitates closure

Reminder to all that there is NO FOOD in the Library – unless there is a special event.  Please eat your lunch before coming to the Library.

  • Students who are found eating in the Library will be asked to leave.
  • Students who are found eating in the Library repeatedly will be invited to take a holiday from visiting the Library.

Reminder also that students wishing to use the Library during class time must bring a pink admit slip – or note of some kind – from their teacher.

  • Failure to provide proof of permission to be out of class will mean you won’t be granted entry to the Library.

Library Overdues

  • Do you still have overdue Library materials?
  • Have you settled your late fines from earlier in the year?
  • Have you found that missing book under the bed?

We have been chasing books for weeks now.

  • We have been sending overdue notices to your TDSB student e-mails.
  • We have been sending overdue notices to your HF teachers.
  • Worse… we began making the dreaded phone calls home on Tuesday (June 14th).

Get ahead of the curve – and save that embarrassing phone call home if you haven’t already been called! – by bringing your book(s) in first or settling your overdue fines.

  • Drop by the Library on Wednesday June 15th, or on Tutorial morning, Thursday June 16th.

Reminder that students with outstanding Library items and/or Library fines will not be able to check out new materials in September until outstanding issues have been cleared.