Library Closure

The Library will be CLOSED after school today for set-up for AUDITION Day tomorrow.

The upside?  No regularly scheduled classes for students tomorrow.  Enjoy your long weekend.


Library Access today

The Library will be closed first and second period while we host actress, author and screenwriter Barbara Radecki.

  • We’re delighted to have Ms. Radecki back to ESA… both of her daughters being ESA graduates.
  • Admission by invitation with specified ENG classes.

The Library will also be closed after school – special schedule for the day with shortened periods – for a special Joint Staff Student session on the TDSB Equity Report

Library Access today

The Library will be closed during first period, and into second as long as it takes to clean-up.

  • The Writer’s Craft classes are hosting Grade 1 students from Norseman… to share their illustrated children’s stories.
  • We will also be doing some holiday themed arts and crafts.