Poetry in Voice: National Finals… and Library Hours the week of April 18th

Ms. Wray and Gr 10 Drama Major Katie Beale  are off to Vancouver this week…  where Katie will be competing at the National Finals for Poetry in Voice.

  • Support Katie by using #2017poetryinvoice or #recite2017

Don’t miss out on any of the action. Watch online:

Then be sure to tune in on Thursday, April 20 at 10:00pm Eastern Daylight Time

  • Whether you’re in Hay River or Antigonish, Grosse Île or Moose Jaw, join us at the Fei and Milton Wong Experimental Theatre via our livestream as we celebrate the power of poetry, name our 2017 National Champions, and award over $25,000 in prizes.


On account of Ms. Wray’s absence this week…

  • The Library will be not be open, in the mornings, until sometime around or after 8:00am.
  • The Library will be closing early – at 3:45pm – each day after school (Tues/Wed/Thurs).
  • The Library will not be open – as indeed it usually is not – after school on Friday.

The Library will return to regular before and after school hours the week following – when Ms. Wray is back – but there are a number of special events during the day the last week of April which will see the Library open only by invitation at certain times.

  • Details of these events will be posted next weekend.



Here’s to Friday!

While I know that we will miss the Grade 9’s dearly today, and hope that they have a wonderful time at Centre Island… the upside for the rest of you is that there are NO Grade 9 Orientation sessions today…

So… the Library is open for business as usual ALL DAY!

It’s a Wrap…

The first day of the 2016-17 school year is history.

Regular Library hours begin tomorrow morning, Wednesday September 7th, 2016.

Basic Library hours are:

  • 8am to 4pm, Monday to Thursday;
  • 8am to 3:10pm on Friday;
  • open for lunch, unless there is a special event which necessitates closure

Reminder to all that there is NO FOOD in the Library – unless there is a special event.  Please eat your lunch before coming to the Library.

  • Students who are found eating in the Library will be asked to leave.
  • Students who are found eating in the Library repeatedly will be invited to take a holiday from visiting the Library.

Reminder also that students wishing to use the Library during class time must bring a pink admit slip – or note of some kind – from their teacher.

  • Failure to provide proof of permission to be out of class will mean you won’t be granted entry to the Library.