Grade 9 Library Orientations: Library Closures

Reminder to all that the Library has limited access during every period except first period of the day until next Thursday, September 18th.  This is to accommodate for Grade 9 Orientations.

The full schedule of class visits is posted:

  • in an Announcement at the ESA Library AW School Site;
  • on both the ESA Teacher Share and ESA Student Share; and,
  • on the whiteboard outside the Library main doors (in the Foyer)

Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.  Just remember, you all had private access to the Library for Orientation when you were in Grade 9 as well!

Grade 9 Orientations Cont’d

Please be advised that Part #2 of the Grade 9 Library Orientations begin on Tuesday October 15th.

All Grade 9 classes will be down for 2 teaching sessions each over the course of the next 8 days.

The Library will not be closed during this round of sessions, but all other users are reminded that there will be teaching taking place, so it will not necessarily be a quiet place for study purposes.

Additionally, the Grade 9’s have first access to the computers while they are down for these sessions, so there will be limited access to Library computers.  You are recommended to bring your own device and connect to the WiFi if you need network access.

Culture Grams

If you were here for Grade 9 Orientation I introduced you to the newest addition to the available online databases: Culture Grams.

Every wondered – or need to know – what life is like in another country?  Culture Grams are one of a kind country reports…  the CIA World Factbook made user friendly for teens.

Take a quick video tour of Culture Grams here.

Grade 9 Reminder

As we head into the weekend, a reminder to all Grade 9’s  – well, at least those who have already been down to the Library this week with their Geography classes…

Use the Grade 9 Library Orientation page here at this blog as your initial portal through to Academic Workspace.

Students who were unable to complete all of the assigned tasks during our Library sessions (i.e. the bookmarking, or NoodleTools registration – when their server crashed while we were trying to access it on Thursday afternoon) should be going to the Grade 9 Orientation Announcement at the Library AW School Site and finishing things up.

If you have not yet been to the Library with your Geography class…  hold off, we’ll see you in the Library starting on Monday next week.