Throwback Thursday’s

Welcome back to ‘Throwback Thursdays @ ESA‘… where we will feature, each week, one ‘classic’ recording from the ESA Performance Archives.

This week we feature a Play Review of Noises Off by Michael Frayn, written, filmed and produced by Cooper Sanborn and Peter Kuplowsky.

Access the video clip here at the ESA Library YouTube Channel.


Throwback Thursday’s

I am delighted to announce the launch of ‘Throwback Thursdays @ ESA‘… where we will feature, each week, one ‘classic’ recording from the ESA Performance Archives.

For our first feature we present the digitised copy of the recording of the ESA Mainstage 2000 production of Les Belle Souers by Michel Tremblay.

The stellar cast included (but was not limited to): Nicola Correia-Damude, Suzanne Smith, Nazneen Contractor, Katie Gordon, Deanna Palazzo, Lara Chatterjee, Frank Cox O’Connell, Cat Montgomery, Lorna Wright, and Margaret McBeath. Stage Managed by Emily Essert and ASM’d by Lauren Simmons.

(Apologies, I’ve not found a programme for the show and my memory is not what it used to be… I can remember these names with the help of Susan Bourne and some of you yourselves… I know the list should include some other equally fabulous young people).

FYI… I knew that this would be the first video I posted the moment I came across it last spring. Pure serendipity that I prepared this posting as I watched the pilot episode of Nicola’s new CBC series Burden of Truth. If you didn’t see it you missed a good one. Set your PVR for next week.

I have enjoyed all ESA Mainstages in the years I’ve been here but there was something about this show… it is still – after all these years – my absolute favourite. Perhaps because it was my first official Mainstage – my first full year teaching at ESA – and that I taught most of the cast members – and that they were such a phenomenal group of incredibly talented individuals who meshed so well together as an ensemble in this show…


Our Holiday Reads Winners!

Thank you to everyone who played along.  We have drawn for ten (10) lucky winners!

Seven (7) folks go home with a new book for the holiday: Laura Kim, Michaela Yarmol-Matusiak, Kaitlyn Hamilton, Gabrielle Schwartz, Audrey Irenhead, Ariel Milne, Tashi Gombu

Our second and third prize winners each go home with two (2) new books and a blanket: Annie Spence and Hannah Mark

AND… our GRAND PRIZE winner goes home with three (3) new books, a blanket, a hand painted mug and a selection of teas: Jeanne Polochansky


WINNERS…  please drop by the Library to pick up your winnings!

  • If you are already on holiday… drop by when you get back in January.

Everyone who submitted a HOLIDAY READS chit will also have their name entered into the TDSB Just Read It! monthly draws with additional opportunities to win free books.