Queen’s University

…  was here at lunch today.  Hopefully you heard the announcements and were able to attend.

If not…  we have  a few copies of their brochure in each of the Library and Student Services.  Drop by and pick one up.

See the folks in Student Services for additional information.

OUAC/OCAS Information Sessions

In the better late than never category… Important post-secondary information sessions yesterday and today in the Library.

  • Yesterday: All Film, VA and Drama majors
  • Today: All Music, MT and Dance majors

There will be a lunchtime catch-up session if you missed them…  but, oops, it’s not posted on the Google Calendar on the ESA AW site so I can’t tell you right now when that is…

I’ll post tomorrow, or check the Guidance Information Google Classroom, or listen for an announcement…