University Fair

Our first ESA University Fair happens today at lunch in the Library.

  • There will be limited access to the Library before and after lunch  – for setting up and striking the University Fair.
  • There will be limited access to computers in the Library at lunch – upper level only.

We know that usually, when college and universities visit we invite you to eat while you listen, but that will not be the case today… it will be too busy and too crowded and no tables to sit at.

  • Please eat your lunch before – or after – attending the University Fair.

Catching Up… Busy Week

Well.. it’s been that kind of week!  So busy and not even time out to  breathe or get a post up!

To catch up:

UBC was in the Library at lunch on Monday.

  • If you missed it, touch base with the folks in Student Services.
  • Extra brochures and contact information was left behind.

Tuesday morning was Grade 9 Wellness morning.




Queen’s University

…  was here at lunch today.  Hopefully you heard the announcements and were able to attend.

If not…  we have  a few copies of their brochure in each of the Library and Student Services.  Drop by and pick one up.

See the folks in Student Services for additional information.