Catching Up… again!

McGill was here in the Library at lunch on Monday.  If you missed it, check with Student Services for materials that were left behind.


Catching Up… Busy Week

Well.. it’s been that kind of week!  So busy and not even time out to  breathe or get a post up!

To catch up:

UBC was in the Library at lunch on Monday.

  • If you missed it, touch base with the folks in Student Services.
  • Extra brochures and contact information was left behind.

Tuesday morning was Grade 9 Wellness morning.




Queen’s University

…  was here at lunch today.  Hopefully you heard the announcements and were able to attend.

If not…  we have  a few copies of their brochure in each of the Library and Student Services.  Drop by and pick one up.

See the folks in Student Services for additional information.

OUAC/OCAS Information Sessions

In the better late than never category… Important post-secondary information sessions yesterday and today in the Library.

  • Yesterday: All Film, VA and Drama majors
  • Today: All Music, MT and Dance majors

There will be a lunchtime catch-up session if you missed them…  but, oops, it’s not posted on the Google Calendar on the ESA AW site so I can’t tell you right now when that is…

I’ll post tomorrow, or check the Guidance Information Google Classroom, or listen for an announcement…