Grade 9 Library Orientation

Welcome to the Library.  All of the handouts and other materials covered in the Grade 9 Library Orientation sessions are  accessible – via links to Academic Workspace – from here on this page.

Print copies of materials will not be provided.  Students are expected to access resources electronically via either this webpage, or directly through the TDSB Academic Workspace ESA Library School Site.

Students are encouraged to share these resources with their parents so that they are up to speed with our expectations regarding everything covered in our Orientation Sessions.


Sept 12th thru 22nd, 2014: Orientation Sessions Day One and Two

The schedule is posted below.  Click on the image to enlarge for easy reading.



The materials you need may be found on the ESA Library Academic Workspace School Site.  Follow this path to find the materials you need for your first session in the Library:

TDSB AW Login > My Home > Etobicoke School of the Arts > School Sites > ESA Library

  • Open the Announcement titled “Grade 9 Orientation, September 2016: Part #1, Day #1”
  • Open the Announcement titled “Grade 9 Orientation, September 2016: Part #1, Day #2”

You should favourite the ESA Library AW School Site as you will be referring to it many times over this year.

  • All materials relating to the Grade 9 Library programme will be posted on AW, as will the major research assignments for your Grade 9 Geography course.

If you need help remembering how to navigate your way to AW and your TDSB Google Drive (and Apps), watch this video posted on the ESA Library YouTube page.

Be mindful of the perils of working on the internet…

  • As Mr. Downey, the former Teacher Librarian here at ESA used to say, the internet has “infinite invisible revisibility” (say that one fast 5 times!!).


WELCOME to the joys of technology…  As I load the workshop on the computer in the Library on Monday morning, there is a problem with the ESA AW School Sites.

  • In the event that the problem has not been resolved by the time we need to access the site for our purposes…  follow this link to the shared Google Doc where you can access the things you absolutely need to for today.
  • I have added the basic materials for Day Two to this shared Google Doc as well…  why not!


NOTE TO PARENTS: The intent is that students show you how they access and navigate using Academic Workspace, and share the work that we are doing.

In the event that the student in your house is less than forthcoming with that information…  please us the link to the shared Google Doc (above) to get a sense of what we’re doing.

  • Unfortunately I am unable to provide electronic access to the login credentials…  it would violate the contractual agreements with the various vendors.

In these first sessions the students are workshopped as follows:



Oct 5th thru 25th, 2016:  Orientation Sessions Day Three and Four

The schedule is posted below.  Click on the image to enlarge for easy reading.


In these sessions the focus will be on Academic Honesty.  Students will be workshopped on the following: