Hours and Operations

The Library is generally open from 7:30am until at least 4:00pm. Depending upon the day and who is or is not available, it may be open earlier and/or later.

  • We are not open after school on Friday.
  • We are generally not open after school on days when the Teacher Librarian(s) are out of the school attending teacher workshops.

Students are reminded that, as a general practice, there is no food or drink in the Library.

  • Obviously there are special events which do occur in the Library, but these are exceptions rather than the rule.

To help you remember this, Mr. Black (our former Drama ACL) has kindly reworked a simple alliteration that Ms. Wray created at the beginning of the year.  We offer you these two options by way of reminder:

  • Consume comestibles in cafeteria before coming to commune and congregate in our collection
  • Communing and congregating in our collection is commiserate on first consuming your comestibles in the cafeteria


Stay Connected

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