Our Online Resources

The following resources are provided directly through the ESA Library. From the ESA Virtual Library, choose the “Our Online Resources” tab.

  • You will need the login and password information to be able to access these at school and at home.
  • See your friendly librarians to pick up a Virtual Library Learnmark with all of the required passwords for the TDSB provided materials and/or the ESA locally provided resources.
  • PDF copies of the TDSB Learnmark, as well as the ESA Bookmark, are available on the ESA Library AW School Site.

(Students are reminded that additional online resources, provided directly by the TDSB, are available via the ESA Library TDSB website.)


Britannica Image Quest
Britannica Image Quest Online database that they have released. This has been very well received by schools and libraries because of the breadth of coverage they offer…..3,000,000+ Images from major image supply warehouses worldwide. This allows students to pull current and safe images for projects and assignments…..in any subject area……..Without…..going against copyright issues and pulling from random Google sites……  Does it get any better than this?

Britannica’s NEW Image Quest includes 2,000,000+ images from major image supply warehouses, Museums, DK images, Getty Images, National Geographic, Nativestock…and many more…..

The Britannica Image Quest – is the biggest of its kind, and will support EVERY AREA of the curriculum.  In the summer of 2012, they are added the Toronto Star archival materials (70,000+ photo’s) to the database.


Salem History
These items are available both in electronic form, and in print – Reference – on the shelves in the ESA Library.  Purchased materials include:

American History Online
From Infobase Facts on File comes the American History Online database.  Take a tour of what’s available here.


Advanced Placement Database
Is now being provided centrally by the TDSB.

  • Check your Virtual Library Learnmark for the authentication login and password credentials.
  • Visit the ESA Library AW School Site if you don’t have your card handy.  Check the LINKS section at the bottom of the homepage.